:( u can do it!

:’| the soda has worn off i am dying slowly

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im in class i want to fall through the floor


drawing anything that isn’t a 3/4 bust shot: low humming for 10 hours


For my birthday Chaos drew my old 2009 purple anthro llama space hero supermodel character (unironic. All of it) and it made me…do this.

This was a character that I *very* pointedly tried to avoid making too anime or too ridiculous, but that was futile since…purple llama with a wig. And human lips. And a space suit. And also this is my destiny

So yeah no now I guess I am distanced enough to embrace the ridiculous indulgence in this design. ~*~*~unleash the shoujo sparkles~*~*~


sort of experimenting with my style :?


sort of experimenting with my style :?

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